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mahtashimu asked: Hi there, can you explain why couture brand name makeup is regarded more highly than drug store apart from the name?



well it’s not couture — that’s a misnomer. you’re thinking of high end / luxury. luxury brands typically use more expensive formulations of things in their products… not all beeswax is the same, and the kind of wax and other stuff that goes into lipstick, all that stuff, has different costs of production depending on what kind you use and how much of it. the packaging is also more expensive. granted some of it is just huge mark up — lancome’s regenerist cream is just glorified aspirin mixed with yogurt, for example — but the formulation of estee lauder lipstick is straight up superior to drugstore brands because they put different stuff in it and marketed it differently. and also lxuury brands like lipstick queen are much, much smaller and have fewer points of distribution which can drive the cost per unit up a lot. the smaller batch of stuff you make the more expensive it is to make and therefore the more you have to sell it for. the exclusivity is part of marketing as much as it is part of the feature of the production cost itself. lots of it is snobbery but it’s not complete B.S, either. i hope that explanation helps a bit?

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4got to put on mascara primer and now I suffer the consequences

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you know what really gets my goat?

el chupacabra

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Jan Parker’s illustrations for the 1971 Peter Haining book, Witchcraft and Black Magic

Reminds me of varo!

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My new look is gonna be printed silk kaftans with body harnesses and studio headphones at all times

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Gary Numan - from the “Berserker” photoshoot, 1984

thee ultim8 aspie idol

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